The Hard Work of Becoming (2022)
For piano quintet, after a poem by Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz
Performed by Decoda Ensemble

The Pilot (2024)
Deep Copy (Drake Andersen)
Composed and produced by Drake Andersen
Link to purchase

Sound and Space is an interactive electroacoustic environment in which visitors can shape the sound they hear in real time. Sound and Space has been produced as a sound installation throughout the United States. Click here to learn more.

AI Rhythm Evolution (2021)
Evening-length collaborative multimedia performance
Performed by Lisa Pegher, percussion, and Drake Andersen, electronics and visuals
Featuring compositions by Drake Andersen, Victor Baez, Stephanie Ann Boyd, Alex Burtzos, Derek Cooper, Max Grafe, Magenta-Z, Jessica Mays, and Harry Stafylakis.

Courses (2020)
Creative improvisation for any ensemble
Performed by Hypercube with Drake Andersen, live electronics

Encounters (2019)
Games (creative improvisation) for any ensemble
Performed by Contemporaneous

Resonance Op. 18 No. 1 (2018)
For string quartet (after Beethoven)
Performed by Mivos Quartet

Walk (2018)
For piano solo (after Scriabin)
Performed by Jenny Lin (link to recording on Sono Luminus)

Unfolding (2016-18)
For strings and live interactive electronics
Performed by Blueshift Ensemble

Spring Flow (2016)
Solo viola, two percussionists, and live electronics, using Indra virtual score platform

Kallie Ciechomski, viola
Mike Perdue and Jude Traxler, percussion
Drake Andersen, electronics

Trace (2016)
Dancer and two pianists reading from virtual scores

Kyle Gerry, dance and choreography
Drake Andersen and Manon Hutton-DeWys, piano

Mythologies (2016)
Excerpt from evening-length work for dance, music, and spoken text

Stephanie Lamprea and Charlotte Mundy, voices
Nicole Camacho, flute and percussion
Frank Tyl, percussion
Yumi Tamashiro, percussion
Jude Traxler, percussion

Kyle Gerry, dance and choreography
Lauren Ferguson, dance

Nile Baker, costumes

Sound and Space (2012-present)
Interactive sound installation

Brooklyn Launchpad, 2013