I am a composer, improviser, and technologist based in Brooklyn, NY. I make music for people using electronics and virtual scores. I teach electronic music at Vassar College. I make creative digital platforms for live performance and music pedagogy. I also study and write about experimental, electronic, and improvised music.


Fossil Record with guitarist Jay Sorce out now (purchase here, streaming everywhere):


You can listen to my music (acoustic, electronic, notated, improvised, etc.) here. Learn more about my sound installations here. For a brief biographical text click here. Upcoming events are listed here. Click here for some recent media coverage. My contact information is here.


Learn about my research here, including recent and forthcoming publications. A couple of articles are available online: in this article, I use statistical methods to analyze the music of John Cage; in this article, I compare performances of Earle Brown’s “open form” compositions. I also maintain a blog whose contents frequently intersect with my research projects.


In addition to my creative work with music technology, I develop virtual score software for live performance and pedagogy. I also created a Python toolkit for analyzing experimental music called IndySim. LINEWAVES is my new music and coding pedagogy project.