Indeterminate Music

My research centers on music that is indeterminate with respect to its performance. In other words, music that varies dramatically with each performance, despite having consistent starting conditions (i.e. notation, rules for improvisation, etc.). Music by composers like Pauline Oliveros, Anthony Braxton, and Earle Brown.

The topics covered in my blog often dovetail with my research interests.

In this article, I use statistical methods to describe recurring tendencies in the music of the composer John Cage, whose works are often regarded as "random."

I also created software that allows you to generate random and customized performances of the piece discussed in the article. You can download it here.

Virtual Scores

I have developed several virtual score platforms for performance using real-time notation. To learn more about virtual scores, check out this volume of Contemporary Music Review.

 Software and Downloads

JSFX Plug-Ins
I have made a handful of JSFX plug-ins for Cockos Reaper:

To install:

  1. Download the JSFX plug-in as a text file (Save Link As... or copy to a new text file).
  2. Open Reaper.
  3. In the main menu, select Options -> Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder...
  4. Move the plug-in text file into the Effects folder.

Or visit me on GitHub!

Max Abstractions
Click here to download my collection of Max abstractions (da.abstractions). Unzip and move to your patches folder, or another location recognized through the File Preferences.